Hi, I’m the Head Gardener here. If you’ve landed here hoping for some tips on growing prize azaleas, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.  This site is about the spiritual journey.
But the gardening metaphor fits well into thinking about our spiritual journey. Every garden is different, just as our spiritual lives are unique. We sow seeds; we tend them or neglect them. We plant things in the wrong place or at the wrong time and wonder why they fail. We prune that overgrown tree that’s taking over. Weeds come along. And then, the seasons lend their hand in changing things dramatically. There is loss and there is growth, there are trials and triumphs.
Okay, let’s not get too carried away with the metaphor but we are all Head Gardeners of our own plot and all of us need some help, some good compost, ideas and encouragement to keep us going in the challenge of creating a garden we can enjoy.
So this site is primarily about the spiritual journey and the site is a journey for me, too. I hope that you will find something encouraging here, something to help you in your garden, and that we can share a few tips.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Surely it’s being the Head Gardener of our plot that’s the problem. If we are content to be under gardeners and accept guidance from The Head Gatdener we’ll have more productive gardens?


    1. Ruth, thanks for your comments. The metaphor is just a way of thinking of our lives as a garden. So, one interpretation is that our Creator God provides the earth, the sun, the rain etc. and also created us who can work with those gifts. As ‘Head Gardeners,’ i.e. decision makers in our own lives, what we then do with those gifts depends upon our own inclinations, situations, circumstances etc. and clearly a lot depends upon the attention we give to our spiritual journey


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