The Universe – it’s big, man

I did some research on the Universe recently. It’s pretty staggering. If you start with our galaxy, the Milky Way, current estimates are that there are about 100-400 billion stars in our galaxy alone. That’s a broad estimate but it shows how little we know about space and what a humongously vast place it is.
Then I wondered how many galaxies there were. Well, the estimate is upwards of 100 billion, possibly 200 billion. How many!? At this stage, I had to sit down in a darkened room for a while to try to imagine that. I couldn’t.
The size of the Universe is beyond our imaginings, just as the size of God is. If we believe that God created a cosmos so big, how can the human mind imagine God? The answer is in Christ, who is our intermediary in reaching some understanding of God’s power and love.
The size of the Universe still bothers me. The population of the Earth has now reached 7 billion. That means that for each one of us on the Earth, we could have at least 14 whole galaxies all to ourselves (the maths for the numerically challenged – 100 billion galaxies divided by 7 billion people).  And each one of our own individual 14 galaxies has billions of stars.
I don’t think I want 14 galaxies all to myself. It would be pretty lonely. There would be no-one to take out to dinner and no-one to help you find your lost car keys. So I’m very pleased that God in his infinite wisdom put us all on the same planet. It may be getting a little crowded down here and there are certainly one or two odd folks around, but it’s a lot nicer having a load of company. And another thing I’m grateful for. As our house is in a dip, our mobile phone signal is rubbish. Just imagine how bad it would be if I lived 14 galaxies away.

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