DSC_0953Hi, I’m Richard Palmer, from Derbyshire in the UK. I’ve worked in people-centred roles all my life, mainly HR (no, don’t stop reading!). The main drive for me in that career has been helping people to discover and develop their potential and talents. And that folds neatly into the spiritual journey – where we find ourselves at this moment in time and what our next few steps might be. And when we go deeper with those thoughts, it brings us to that place of seeking and searching, that place where we hope to discover purpose and meaning in our lives. Is that our spiritual journey or our life’s journey? I reckon they are the same.
My own searching has led me into a vocation of personal development, coaching, spiritual accompaniment and writing – and now, this blog. I’ve had previous books published on business and now write a lot of meditations, prayers and articles, some of which will appear on this site.
I’m a fully paid up member of the Anglican Church. I like to explore more creative ways of spirituality. At present, silence, meditation, mysticism and creative journalling are a few of my current themes, plus any other means that helps in my spiritual quest. I also play drums and one place I feel close to God is on the drum stool.
I’m also passionate about those who are on the fringes, looking for faith but unable to find it in the rigid structures and cultures of some churches. So a part of my elevator speech is ‘Religion or Spirituality? What’s the difference? Discuss.’

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